Health Restoration Practices

Chinese herbs and teas have been used for thousands of years to successfully treat illness & disease. The unique medicinal properties of Chinese herbs make them an extremely effective and natural healing alternative.

Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine that emphasizes diagnosis, treatment & prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, based on the effects of general health via the nervous system. The main chiropractic treatment technique involves manual therapy, including manipulation of the spine, oth

The lymphatic system plays a key role in maintaining the overall health of your body. The system involves several different organs such as the adenoids, tonsils, spleen and thymus, as well as bone marrow and lymph nodes.

Dr. Kwang Welcome Presentation

Your M.D. studies cadavers to learn how to treat you.

I study life in order to know how to heal.

~Dr. Charles Kwang, D.C. Holistic & Integrative Health



Latest Success

I love coming here. Everyone is always so kind. It is so personal, and I love that. It's not like the typical broad spectrum treatment in and out. I come here and it's about me.
I had a really fuzzy headache, and was depressed and anxious, and nauseous all the time. I did the cleanses, the teas and the whole program. Dr. Kwang really understood the problem, and it works! I am excited, music sounds good again, I got my life back, and I am not sick all the time.

I got my life back

No more missed work  I came to Dr. Kwang as a last ditch effort to handle frequent headaches that prevented me from working and sleeping. This condition had “become part of my life” for many years. I had tried every known “cure” from medical to nutritional to chiropractic. Some “handlings” worked for a few weeks and then the headache’s were back, full force.

I had tried many different things from prescription drugs to green vegetable juicing, but Dr. Kwang was able to target the source of the problem.
I am grateful there are professionals like Dr. Kwang who really know how to get results. ~JW

Super severe allergies handled