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Dr. Kwang offers alternative natural solutions to health problems.  Dr. Kwang is a certified Nutritionist and Herbalist and employs hair analysis and DNA testing in cutting edge detox program designed to address unresolving chronic pain and illness. Dr. Kwang’s natural health procedures address what is blocking the system from its own natural detox and healing process.

Dr. Kwang has helped over 1000 patients restore their natural ability to eliminate the toxins generating inflammation and preventing painful conditions from improving.

Dr. Kwang has the magical ability to get rid of unwanted conditions for those ready to work on themselves holistically.

Call and come in to our Los Angeles CA office or go online submit a sample and receive a DNA test health analysis and begin your path to health.

When you are looking for an alternative to your current medical care where do you go? Who can you reach out to?

Herbal solutions have been healing people for thousands of years.  People have been living a better quality of life using natural remedies. Get to the root cause of your problems and don’t get stuck in being able to reach ultimate health. Medical researchers are researching herbs to make new drugs. Why not go straight to the source?  Herbs work better than chemical alternatives regardless. This is why you can’t rebuild your body back to health. Chemicals can only keep your body from feeling worse. Drugs do not activate your body’s full healing potential.

Detoxify your way back to health. Being a nutritionist in the big city I picked up all kinds of tips on how to stay healthy on a budget and still keep my individuality as I empower you.  Eating a proper, nutritious diet offers numerous health benefits that keep you mentally and physically well.  Proper nutrition doesn’t mean starving yourself, but instead means eating a diet balanced in lean proteins, carbs and fats.  Ginseng, as one example of the many herbs I use in my Chinese Medicine, is valued for its ability to boost energy levels and speed metabolism. I specialize in detoxification and I will be guiding you to the package that is right for you in building your immune system for starters.
~Dr. Charles Kwang

Dr. Charles Kwang  is a Master Nutritionist / Herbalist.

Founder of Kwang Liquid Vitamin C, D3, Oxygen, Immune Formula’s 1, 2 and 3 and much much more, along with all liquid herbs, vitamins, and DNA analysis.

The ancient Chinese write up on medicine library was purchased by Dr. Kwang and translated to English passing down through the ages a source of the body healing alternative to regular medicine. By the time of the Han Dynasty about 100 BC, China had become a major center of medical research and the home of some of the world’s best doctors. These doctors wrote the Neijing, a book about medicine, organizing and explaining all of their treatments. Through Dr. Kwang’s research and discovery he has a factory that makes these “teas” and ships them all over the world after the DNA analysis,  bringing the best alternative healings custom made for each individual.

This is my Vision

I Have Always Had The Need To Create.
I Found Being  A Nutritionist Has Been The Outlet For This Need.

This is my Story

Dr. Charles Kwang
a Los Angeles Natural Health Practitioner
& Nutritionist/Herbalist

Our immune system is very effective in keeping bacteria and viruses at bay. The fungus and parasites are not so easy.  They are immune to our white blood cells. Fungus has been able to attach themselves to white blood cells. Parasites are too big or have shielding that makes them impervious to white blood cell attack.

The idea that Chinese herbal medicine has come about was to help with the attack of external pathogens.  Our immune system is very good when it is well maintained with proper diet, exercise, and sleep.  When we compromise our own immune system we lend ourselves to attack.  We become infected with fungus and parasites when our immune system is compromised.  It takes time to rebuild our immune system.  If we deplete our own reserves then we will not be able to rebuild our immune system.

A successful nutritional program is to eat vegetables and fruits for the minerals and vitamins; grains, seeds and beans provide essential amino acids and essential fats. This will give us the reserves we need to maintain our immune system.   FOOD ALLERGY HANDLED COMPLETELY.

Universities and Research facilities Dr. Charles Kwang endorses

Kwang Wellness Center

Hollywood Wellness Center

We are located in city of San Gabriel. We are 30 minutes from Hollywood, CA.

We can help when no one else can!

Kwang Wellness Center is the premier clinic in Los Angeles serving the world and with alternative Chinese Herbs and Vitamin Teas, consistently helping heal when other programs have failed.

“My Goal And Passion Is To Create Teas That Give Back The Energy You Have At Your Finest That Will Last And Help Bring About A Healthier Lifestyle. Whether You Are New To Taking Control Of Your Health, You Are Into Sports Activities And Know About Nutrition For Your Well Being And Maintenance, Or Health-Conscious Individuals, I Look Forward To Empowering And Sharing With You To Create Optimum Health For You That Stand The Test Of Time.

When I Am Not Working As A Nutritionist, while Creating With My Work “Family” Staff Of Nine Amazing People.  Working Out Specific Exercises, Videography, Studying About Life Learning Things That I Can Apply To Bring About A Better World, I love Being With Friends. These Are Just A Few Of The Many Things I Enjoy Doing.

My staff and I look forward to serving you and your friends.

Learn how we got started, what we do here, who we are and what we’re all about.

Founded in 2002, Kwang Wellness Corporation provides practical alternative medicine, nutritional  juicing and professional detoxing with Chinese Medicine named by patients as Kwang Tea in the form of natural vitamins, minerals and herbs products.

These can dramatically change how people survive in a healthy manner more effectively and ensures that the process of creating good health from detoxing from the inside out–reaching your core, reaching DNA with a simple and intuitive process. Being in communication with your own body to assist in healing symptoms you are facing, so that you too benefit from your new found knowledge of natural healing.

I Have Always Had The Need To Create. I Found Being A Nutritionist Has Been The Outlet For This Need.

I Find Myself Always Growing And Learning. There Is A Difference Between Making A New Vitamin Infusion And Creating A Pure Organic Healing Teas. All Vitamin Teas Are Pure Organic, Non-GMO, And Gluten Free. “
– Dr. Charles Kwang, DC

We Have Our Own Manufacturing Facility And All Raw Products We Use To Make Our Organic Vitamin and Herb Teas, Are Also Grown In Organic Soil.

Our Center & Sample Products

We promised to take care… and delivered

Success Stories

  • "My sleep issue was stopping me from doing things in life. Dr. Kwang had me do the teas and said: but don't change the other regimens in my life, and now can get a good night's sleep. If I wake up, now I can go back to sleep. I have a sounder more restless sleep".
  • "The tightness I'd had in my ankle for years evaporated. I want my health improved and that is what I see in Dr. Kwang's practice."
  • "I feel healthier... I feel stronger. I find a big difference in my life."
  • “I‘ve been a client with Dr. Kwang for about 5 years. I had night sweats, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, little bumps that put me on acetone because of my tv show. I do lots of green drinks, take vitamins, etc. It would help a little bit but I found Dr. Kwang through a friend that helped her remove her symptoms. He said you have candida in your liver and kidneys. After two months on the program I didn’t have night sweats any more. My sex drive came back. When I used to feel insomnia that was gone. If your woman has too much pms, it works.”
    K. K.
  • "It takes time to heal. Every week I felt better and better. If you do have a respiratory problem think of working on the whole body... not just treating the symptom."
  • ""I got my energy back after Candida Cleanse."
  • "Dr. Kwang's genuine and he's the truth. I feel great and really inspired to stay on top of my game."
  • "Cleaning from inside out ... Dr. Kwang gets to the source of my skin problem My acne is completely gone"
  • I had back problems and migraine headaches every few weeks. I was in agony, in bed wondering how I was going to make it through another Migraine. It was awful.  Before coming to see Dr. Kwang. I'd been to multiple doctors who said try a holistic approach. Dr. Kwang was reffered to me. I came along and started on the program. It was a gradual change over the weeks. The migraines got less and less so I decided to persist with it. Dr. Kwang is such a miracle program. It is completely customized and you get the last of what is at source. Of the different approcahes out there try them and if they fail go to Dr. Kwang. I want to thank him for his integrity.
  • "Dr. Kwang truly does his research and has solutions."
  • "Abdominal pain gone after Candida Cleanse"
  • "I was told what my body was doing and how we are going to correct this back pain... The main problem is I had Scoliosis and persued massages. I have 80% less curvature from them. I had a motorcle accident and underwent a lot of surgeries. I am very flexible and took it for granted I'd have it all my life but the massages have straightened out my spine drastically and how my spine reacts. This is correctional. I play the piano again. I was told how my body was doing. I didn't realize I had these hidden pains. My theories came to reality. This gets to the source of your pain. It is preventative here"