You can get the same results without coming into the office.

Long Distance Program


How To Collect Your Hair Sample.

  • Collect hair from anywhere on your body.

If you do not have hair, then swab the inside of your cheeks with a cotton swab.

  • Put the hair or cotton swab in a plastic bag.
  •  Fill out the New Patient Form.

Include any additional data on a separate sheet of paper.

  •  Fill out Hair Analysis Form.
  •  Put forms and plastic bag in an envelope.
  • Mail envelope and $25.00 to:

573 W. Broadway, San Gabriel, CA 91776

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kwang,
please call the office at (626) 458-3305
or email @  [email protected]

Why did I start the program?

After receiving phone calls from all  over the world,  I had to research a reliable way to help people who cannot come into the office and discovered how a simple hair sample mailed in truly helps you or your family and friends you’d like to help–get well.

You send a hair sample to my office and I will find the DNA weaknesses.  Based on your past medical history and current symptoms I create a custom herbal program for you. This program allows you to get the results without having to come into the office.

I’ve met 80 year old men and women who are still very active every day.  They don’t have to take any medications in order to maintain their activities.  Their DNA determined whether their bodies can withstand decades of abuse and continue to maintain function.

Once thing about DNA is its ability to react with the environment.  The things we encounter every day will degrade DNA.  The things we eat every day will either degrade DNA or repair and strengthen it.

Concentrated nutrition and herbals have been found to interact with DNA to stop degradation.  Continued use of concentrated nutrition and herbals have been found to be repair and strengthen it.  This is the best way to protect our DNA from a lifetime of environmental toxins and stress.

Have Any Questions?

Call the office at (626) 458-3305