Pain Management

We have successfully integrated acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, herbs and deep tissue therapy.

We can help with:

ankle pain

carpal tunnel

degenerative arthritis

disc herniation

elbow pain



neck pain

hip pain

knee pain

low back pain

middle back pain

numbness and tingling

pinched nerve


shoulder pain

sports injury



wrist pain

Clinical Nutrition and Herbs

Clinical nutrition and herbs is a thousand-year-old tradition of naturally cleansing and stimulating the body.  The body recognizes building blocks of natural sources and restores itself.

A human being is an essential part of nature. Nowadays, many of us forget about it, trying to find the way out of some difficulty by inventing something new. In actuality, nature already has all the necessary materials to provide for normal and healthy living.

Nowadays, herbs gain more and more popularity as it offers alternative treatment for those who are not satisfied with modern synthetic medications’ effectiveness or cannot use them for other health reasons (about 10% of patients are reported to not respond properly and adequately to the modern medications). Moreover, one of the most appealing qualities and advantages of phytotherapy and Chinese herbs is the low risk of adverse reaction or side effects, especially in comparison to pharmaceutical drugs.

We also had a lot of successes with :

abdominal painautoimmune disorders

chronic constipation


fibroids and/or cysts



chronic fatigue

Crohn’s disease

ulcerative colitis

night terrors

irritable bowel syndromeheavy metal detoxification




post operative scar pain

pain management

lung cancer

cancers resistant to chemotherapy or radiation therapy

post stroke side effects