Juicing Videos

To Your Health!

Dr. Charles Kwang’s created these videos to answer common questions on juicing.

How to start getting healthy right now by MyTea Magic?

Juicing: Can I use a Ninja Blender or Nutribullet?

Juicing: What can I do to improve the taste of the vegetable juice?
Easy way to make your vegetable juice taste better and still get the benefits.

Juicing: What can I add to my juice to improve its texture?
Easy way to improve your vegetable juice and still get the benefits.


Juicing: If I Can’t Juice What Else Can I Do


These recipes support Dr. Kwang’s Chinese herbal detox program.

Vegetable Juice Recipes Are Integral To Any Detox Program

Healthy Juice Recipes from ``Juicing Detox Works`` by Dr. Kwang